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Educational Feature: Common Shoulder Injuries

Common shoulder injuries typically involve the muscles, ligaments and tendons – and rarely, fractured bones. Repetitive, stressful sport activities as tennis, pitching, or weightlifting can weaken the shoulder and injure the ligaments. Intensive training routines, involving excessive, repetitive overhead motion of the arm and shoulder, can over time cause shoulder instability and impingement, and a great deal of pain. (more…)

Pediatric Orthopedics at OSS – Highly Specialized Care, Easy Appointment Access, and Plenty of Stickers and Teddy Bears

Did you know that you – and your 9-year-old son who just took a serious tumble and likely has a broken or sprained wrist – can receive top-quality pediatric orthopedic care, quick– right in our cozy Wallingford, Ballard and Mercer Island offices? Drs. Franklin, Peterson, Ruhlman, Watt and Weil all provide orthopedic care for pediatric patients, from infants to adolescents.

The most common pediatric conditions our physicians see are fractures (broken bones), ACL and meniscal tears in adolescents, as well as a wide range of sports- and activity-related injuries in active kids. OSS physicians also care for children with orthopedic deformities, such as webbed digits or congenital trigger thumb; often there are simple treatment options, and if surgery is required, we pride ourselves in a child-friendly experience from start to finish. (more…)

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