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Sports Injuries of the Elbow in Children and Teens

Most elbow injuries in children occur during activities like sports and play, or are the result of accidents and falls. The risk of injury is greater for those who participate in contact sports such as football, soccer, wrestling.

Also, injuries risk is higher for those who engage in snowboarding, skateboarding, hockey, skiing, biking, or in-line skating. When an injury occurs in a child or teen, it can affect the growing end of the long bones of the arm called the growth plate. These types of injuries always need to be evaluated by an orthopedic specialist. (more…)

Open MRI Available at OSS

Our OPEN MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) system utilizes a completely safe magnetic field and an advanced computer system to produce exceptional quality images of any body part in any desired direction.

The result of our OPEN MRI is a sophisticated diagnostic picture of the area your orthopedic specialist wishes to view. What’s more, there is no pain, no known side effects, and no radiation used with our OPEN MRI. This high-tech machine is ideal for patients who are claustrophobic. Patients who have had both a closed MRI and an open MRI have commented that the open MRI is much quieter and ear plugs are not necessary. (more…)

Dupuytren’s Contracture

What is Dupuytren’s disease?

Dupuytren’s (pronounced “duh-pwee-trahns”) disease changes the way your hand looks and makes it impossible to use one or more of your fingers. With Dupuytren’s contracture the tissue under the skin of the palm of your hand thickens and becomes shorter. This leads to the fingers bending in toward the palm and it becomes difficult to straighten them. This condition occurs more in people who are older than fifty years and is more common in men. Dupuytren’s disease, sometimes referred to as Viking’s disease often affects both hands, too. Our orthopedic specialists can treat this condition but there is no cure for it. (more…)